All about CLAWstin

Big biceps.

Bawdy jokes.

Blatant bribery.

A CLAWstin fundraiser is part theater, part sport, and all about doing good while having a damn good time.

And the costumes. It’s definitely about the costumes.

CLAWstin competitors are Austin women who transform themselves into lady arm wrestlers and put on a show for a night of wild and wholly inappropriate fun to raise money for locally based nonprofits.

We hosted our first match in October of 2011 to the shock and delight of a raucous nightclub audience in downtown Austin. Since then, CLAWstin events have gotten bigger and badder, enabling us to financially support a variety of women-affiliated nonprofits such as WeViva and Circle of Health International.


First, CLAWstin carefully selects an event beneficiary. We seek out small, scrappy Central Texas-based nonprofits, typically founded by women, that can make immediate and effective use of a funding infusion in the $3K-$6K range.

Next we organize a roster of eight super-bad lady wrestlers. CLAWstin wrestlers need to have a clever, colorful, tough, potentially R-rated, funny or all-of-the-above persona and a (we hope) witty name. Wrestlers also recruit an entourage of equally rough and tough supporters who will cheer her on, perform in the occasional dance-off, and pry those donation dollars from spectators’ pockets.

In fact, the competition starts weeks before the match, as each wrestler and her entourage begin online fundraising for our beneficiary.

Then it’s wrassling night! Our eight wrestlers compete in a single elimination tournament, where the arm wrestling is real and so is the overacting.

The strongest lady wrestler wins the belt. The wrestler who raises the most money gets a sweet trophy. And the designated nonprofit gets the proceeds.


The national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers is a loose (and we do mean loose) affiliation of local leagues in 25 U.S. cities and abroad. Check them out here:

Need to see it before you believe it? Here’s the trailer for a little documentary on the whole crazy thing.:  CLAW: The Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers Movie Trailer

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