Amanda SoissonAmanda Soisson, Executive Director and Talent  Coordinator
Like some kind of Wonder Woman, Amanda can transform from a fierce finance manager by day into Gina Tonic, a wrestler with a bad attitude and several behavioral issues. As talent coordinator for CLAWstin, she wrangles otherwise clear-thinking women into acting and arm-wrestling for charity.


Anne-Charlotte PattersonAnne-Charlotte Patterson, Communications Director
Anne-Charlotte — who bears a striking resemblance to wrestler Svetlana Slutnik — enjoys being boss lady at boutique design and marketing firm, Southern Combustion Creative. When she’s not kicking ass on the CLAWstin stage, Anne-Charlotte spends her time spying (not really) and spreading Communism (that’s completely untrue) while getting the word out about CLAW matches and the causes we support.


Jen MurillJen Murrill, Co-founder
Having lived in Charlottesville, Va,  home of the CLAW mothership, Jen knew she needed bring that badass combo of women’s arm-wrestling and philanthropy to Austin. Plus, she figured the creative fundraisers of the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers would in actual fact help keep Austin weird. In real life, Jen is all about creating cool interior spaces and green building as the principal of Wheelhouse Creative.


Beth Taylor Beth Taylor, Co-founder
Beth saw a need — a need to fill the crucial theatrical ladies arm wrestling void in Austin. And she saw some needs in our community, particularly those that affect women. So she helped created Austin’s own league in the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers, and the ATX has been a wilder and better place ever since.

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