CLAWstin 8
Cheer Up Charlies

10/26/17 • Doors @ 8pm

Love “G.L.O.W.”? Meet CLAWstin, Austin’s own Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers. On the evening of Oct. 26, you can witness eight badass women battle with their biceps in the wildest fundraiser ever. Part circus, part athletic event, CLAWstin bouts are a rowdy good time featuring feats of strength, trash talk and blatant corruption, all for a good cause.

For CLAWstin’s eighth event, two returning wrestlers — the notorious rock-n-roller Rosie Guns and the dangerously regal Queen Elizabicep, first of her name — will be throwing down with six newcomers.

All proceeds go to Amaanah Refugee Services [], which provides after-school activities, tutoring and family support to refugee kids in Austin schools.

Yell for your favorite wrestler. Bribe the ref. Have a hell of a good time. And help raise money to make Austin a better place.

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Hot as Hell Summer Meet-up
When: 7/20/17 • Local Post Pub

 DB Massenkill and Wine-ona Juggs brought the biceps for this exhibition match and happy mingle.  Our loyal fans brought gift cards to donate to local organizations, including CASA of Travis County and Refugee Services of Central Texas, which support. struggling kids and families in our community. 103 degree July day and we’re partying on the patio? No problem, ’cause CLAWstin likes it hot. 


CLAWstin7_poster2CLAWstin 7
When: 10/20/16 • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s

Insults, tough talk, crazy antics, and some bizarre hairstyles – no,  not the 2016 election, that was lucky number seven! Eight badass chicks – including Shelly Glambo, DB Massenkill, and possibly an orange-hued presidential candidate – whipped up mayhem to raise $9,400 for local non-profit OutYouth.



CLAW 6 posterCLAWstin VI
When: 4/23/15 • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Raised over $12,000 for
the American Widow Project

CLAWstin V
When: 4/25/14 • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Raised over $5,000 for Circle of Health International

CLAWstin_graphic_april14CLAWstin IV
When: 4/18/13  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for
Casting for Recovery-Texas

When: 10/4/12  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for WeViva

CLAWstin_graphic_Oct'12CLAWstin II
When: 4/19/12  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised nearly $4,000 for The Upside of Down

CLAWstin I
When: 10/13/11 • Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for 1 House at a Time