October 20th, 2016
Cheer Up Charlie’s | 900 Red River
Doors @ 8pm, wrasslin’ @ 9pm

Insults, tough talk, crazy antics, and some bizarre hairstyles – no, it’s not the 2016 election, it’s CLAWstin 7! Lucky number seven will unleash a gang of wild women arm wrestlers exercising their right to bare arms while raising funds for local non-profit Out Youth. Eight badass chicks – including Shelly Glambo, DB Massenkill, and possibly an orange-hued presidential candidate – will be whipping up mayhem to get your votes and (charitable) donations. Do your civic duty and join the CLAWstin and OutYouth for a wild time at Cheer Up Charlie’s on October 20th.

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CLAW 6 posterCLAWstin VI
When: 4/23/15 • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Raised over $12,000 for
the American Widow Project

CLAWstin V
When: 4/25/14 • Where: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Raised over $5,000 for Circle of Health International

CLAWstin_graphic_april14CLAWstin IV
When: 4/18/13  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for
Casting for Recovery-Texas

When: 10/4/12  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for WeViva

CLAWstin_graphic_Oct'12CLAWstin II
When: 4/19/12  •  Where: Bar 96
Raised nearly $4,000 for The Upside of Down

CLAWstin I
When: 10/13/11 • Where: Bar 96
Raised over $4,000 for 1 House at a Time