Some people have a lot to say about CLAWstin. Others are too shocked to speak.

“I may have the facial hair of a Confederate soldier and pretend to like undrinkable beer, but these women frighten and confuse me.”

Craft Brew Dude

“Women arm wrestling for charity? That totally aligns my chakras!”

Namaste Girl

“I don’t remember seeing anything like this at the Armadillo.
But I don’t remember a lot of things.”

Old Hippie Guy

“The last match was so crazy I set my curly moustache
on fire and stole a pedicab.”

A Hipster

“Oh, my.  We had no idea.  We thought CLAWstin was a raptor demonstration. We don’t think we’ll move here after all.”

Startled Tourist Family

CLAWstin emcee

“One match got so out of control,  I had to call the cops on these crazy chicks. But when the officer showed up, he demanded a ringside seat and tried to bribe the ref.”

Our CLAWstin emcee

Texas Legislator

“CLAWstin is a danger to the sanctity of marriage and an affront to human decency. (I’ll stop by later, ladies.)”

Well-respected Texas Legislator