DJ Arm Breakage

DJ Arm Breakage has been crushing skulls with her electronic BEATS for years, so crushing arms won’t be any problem. Thousands of hours on the 1’s & 2’s have caused her forearms to explode. While you’re distracted by the dirty BASS in your face, she’ll be dropping your broke ass arms to the table. DJ Arm Breakage is drawn to weak opponents, much like a shark is drawn to the scent of blood.

Watch out for her crew of Neon Raging Rave Babies, too. Messing with them will only PUSH HER BUTTONS. They have been known to overtake empty warehouses and music venues with violent seizure-like dance moves, brightly colored tutus, furry boots, laser-fingers, and pacifiers. If you step into the ring with DJ Arm Breakage… the BASS line isn’t the only thing that will DROP.