Born with a silver spur in her mouth and educated at the University of Texas (HOOK ‘EM!), shy and mousy Bobby Ann Smith pursued a career in publishing. But the big publishing houses were downsizing, and the only job she could find was copyeditor at the Texas Legislature. Within the hallowed halls of the Capitol, she quickly learned that while she was excellent at correcting typos, she was even better at correcting the legislators themselves—that gang of good old boys whose shenanigans have Texas ranked 1st for folks without health insurance and for hazardous waste spills, 2nd for folks that go hungry and for folks in prison, and 50th for kids graduating from high school. Way to go, Boys! Bobby Ann Smith heard a higher calling, strapped on her bustier, zipped up her boots, grabbed her whip and got cracking. EDITRIX was born! And, damn, do those lawmakers LOVE it! They line up outside her door — men like Dick Herry, Tom DeLie, Glenn Hanger, David Do-nothing, Craig Scab-butt, and Michael (concealed handgun) McKill — men who know deep down what they deserve: HEAVY REVISION! EDITRIX is happy to oblige. EDITRIX lives in Austin with her pit bull, Spellcheck, where she works at the capitol as a mild-mannered editor by day and whip-cracking EDITRIX by night, correcting comma splices and spanking corrupt politicians. If you’ve been very, very naughty—or ungrammatical—EDITRIX and the Mistresses of Correction will be happy to punish you—and make you beg for more! You know what they say, “It’s always the quiet ones!”