Gayle Burns Hearts Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.

Born in an oil soaked garage in 1977, Gayle Burns Hearts Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. comes from a long line of heart melting, hard driving women. Raised in the pit lanes of ultra competitive GO Kart racing, Gayle was a dominate force at every K1 Speed Center she stepped foot in. Rocketing up the ranks, she was invited to be the wheel woman for her own NASCAR syndicate at the tender age of thirteen. Backed by Arm & Hammer, team car #69 crushed the competition and rose to international fame and influence with Gayle at the wheel.

Then in the summer of 2010, after decades of utter supremecy, she stunned the NASCAR world by turning some of her attention away from driving to arm strength sports. In a recent interview Burns Hearts Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. provided some insight into her new career path saying, “It’s about time I look my competition dead in the eye before I crush their dreams”.

Her last two off seasons were spent traveling the arm wrestling circuit under the careful and some suggest overly controlling guidance of Rowdy Ray. Ray, an arm sport legend in his own right and Burns Hearts Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.’s crew chief, who has never himself beaten the burgeoning champion, avidly proclaims her the best and most complete arm wrestler of all time. “She’s unbeatable”, says Ray, “I’d bet my trailer on it. And it’s a double wide.”