Motor City Muscle

Raised in a middle-class Detroit household by two hard-working parents, Motor City Muscle typifies a true rags-to-riches tale. Her father, a gym owner by trade, taught her the importance of exercise and the value of a dollar. Her mother, a school teacher, instilled principles of determination and integrity. The streets of Detroit, however, had a different agenda. Constantly battling violence and persistent offers for gang affiliation, MCM was quick to dismiss peaceful resolution and lived her life “fighting fire with fire.”
After obtaining employment as the bouncer in the pawn shop featured on the television drama “Hardcore Pawn,” she was let go her third day on the job after she became too violent with a high-profile customer. MCMwas to enroll in court-ordered anger management therapy, but quickly dropped out after she realized the learned ethics were not in line with her true passion in life: competition. “Why get arrested for wrestling people, when I can get paid to do it?” she stated in an unsolicited interview on her E! True Hollywood Story, “Off the mat, on the ground.” MCM is ready to put this recession behind her and close out the Horatio Alger story once and for all. She’s young, she’s brash, and she’s coming to Austin imported straight from Detroit. “It’s the American Dream,” she said, “and I will live it.”