Rhoda Rage

Rhoda Rage comes from the roughest, toughest swamps of Louisiana. When the other kids started t-ball, she took up wrestling gators. Some say they once saw her jump into a boiling pot of water during a crawfish boil just to show the crawfish who was boss. At age 12, she decided she was fed up with swamp life and was determined to teach herself to drive. She started practicing her skills by blowin’ through the bayous in her cousin Boudreaux’s air boat. Rhoda’s strong arms and hands made it easy for her to handle a stick shift, and she knew she was ready to get out on the open road. She packed her bag, put on her lucky bandana and took off in her daddy’s pick-up truck with no turning back. Rhoda’s been wreaking havoc around ‘merica ever since. These days she can be found exercising her right to “bare” arms behind the wheel of her big rig and hanging out at truck stops with her posse of Lot Lizards. Rhoda Rage will hit you like a Mack truck, so you better buckle up!!! Over and out.