Rosie Guns

You may remember Rosie Guns as the former lead vocalist for 80’s rock band, “Rosie Guns and the Ammunition.” Rosie’s ego and notorious outbursts have resulted in her being banned from 49 states, all of Canada, and the remaining six continents. All four original members of her band, along with the 26 replacements the Ammunition went through over the years have lifelong restraining orders against her. Rosie has finally found her niche in women’s arm wrestling, however, as it is the only venue where she can be unleashed without breaking the law, or possibly someone’s eardrums. (Rosie’s last stunt before finally being banned in the state of Wisconsin was using her already shrill voice to scream out a note so high that the entire audience was rendered permanently deaf.) Rosie is delighted to have found her home competing with women almost as obnoxious and disrespectful as she is.