She-Devil came into this world a bright and golden babe,
About her looks and manners,
her mama she did rave.
She ma’am’d and sir’d, and smiled a lot,
and always drank tea nice.
Within this narrow world, she never once thought twice.
But then one day she’d had enough,
She-Devil realized she liked it rough!
Her mama prayed she’d stay the course,
She sealed the windows and locked the doors.
But, alas, it was too late,
She-Devil had embraced her dark fate.
Late one night, when she had grown,
she rosined up her bow.
She gassed her truck, and flipped the bird,
down to Georgia she did go.
No one knows what deals she made,
what bets that she has lost.
But, what we know, is that what she gained, came at a cost.
Now she walks, in the dark, accompanied by her tribe.
Those horny fiddlers and their like,
will always take a bribe.
They’ll challenge you to face the devil,
the SHE-Devil, that is.
You think you won’t, but you always will,
You just cannot resist.
So if you meet her in the holler, or back behind a shed,
Know that She-Devil will kick your ass and leave you good as dead.
She’ll tear you up, bless your black heart,
And egg you on to sin.
And, of course, that is because