Twisted Sistah

Growing up fending for herself on Skid Row, Twisted Sistah was Nobody’s Fool. Her life was no Cinderella story, and at only Seventeen she was Wanted Dead or Alive. With a Warrant out for her arrest, she joined a group of Runaways and formed a successful rock band called The Iron Maidens. Sistah brought the rock world to its knees, with one critic describing her as “hot, sticky, sweet from her head to her feet”. She revolutionized 80’s fashion with her long, bleached and permed locks. But one fateful night, her life took an unexpected, tragic turn. Just before hitting the stage, she found herself choking in a Poison cloud of hairspray that left her hospitalized, depressed, and angry–with an Appetite for Destruction. Nowadays, Sistah lives a reclusive life with her rescued animals including a Ratt, Whitesnake, several Scorpions and a Mötley Crüe of hearing-impaired jungle cats including a White Lion, and yes, a Def Leopard. She occasionally makes public appearances for charity events but beware, because this rose has a lot of thorns.